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Fieldtones was born out of an intention to fortify the relationship between people and the natural world.

Our message is RECIPROCITY: exchange based in mutual benefit.
Instead of interacting with nature as something foreign and apart from ourselves,
or something that exists for extraction and manipulation,

RECIPROCITY requires us to open to a new perspectice;

one where nature is an equal,
a partner, and ultimately an extension of ourselves.

Sunrise on Nature

This fundamental change in view has the potential to effect the way we move through the world.

When we see nature as our home, and ourselves as a part of nature rather than its master,

we open the doors to conversation, collaboration, and creation with the natural world.


Deepening our relationship with nature, and fortifying our connection with the principle of RECIPROCITY, presents us with the opportunity to begin healing ourselves, our communities, and the environment we all share.


Our medium is the message and the medicine.

Our medium is nature, the connection we share with it, 
and the creative process of a reciprocal relationship with it.

We utilize a wide range of healing arts, which include, but are not limited to:

AYURVEDA: offers connection to nature's rhythms & natural cycles in pursuit of a sound body
YOGA: offers connection to self and innerworld, development of awareness of self as microcosm of the outerworld, in pursuit of sound mind
JYOTISH: offers connection to something greater than oneself, in pursuit of Self/Soul
HERBALISM: offers connection to plants as healers, connection to self as healer
ECOPSYCHOLOGY & HORTICULTURAL THERAPY: offers connection to nature and natural processes,

connection to self as a force of nature
REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE: offers connection to the whole of the natural world; healing for the whole world
EXPRESSIVE ARTS THERAPY: offers connection to self as co-creator with all of creation 

Our farmacy is currently under development, but will include a farm site based in the principles of permaculture, agroforestry, and regenerative agriculture. It will be the primary source for our plant based medicines and art supplies, and also the site of educational courses and community gatherings.



Our mission is to EMPOWER each person we encounter to become stewards of the environment, and to creatively ENGAGE with the natural world.

We aim to CO-CREATE a new paradigm of healing that includes all living beings 
and nature itself. 

Our hope is to CONNECT a network of artists, environmentalists, health professionals and all interested persons that will work together to ENVISION, and bring to fruition, a better world for all. 


Fieldtones is a place, a feeling and a process.

We are still in our developmental phase and we hope that you will continue to follow

and participate in our endeavors to actualize this dream.

We're excited to collaborate & hope to hear from you!

 Get in touch via our CONTACT page.